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Hi, welcome to Just-Fish.co.uk, homepage of Andrew Kennedy, freelance angling writer, tackle and venue reviewer, photographer and consultant, based in the UK.

Below are a few photographs, which each link to some of my most memorable articles.  You can find more of my writing in the "Articles", "Reviews" and "Technique" sections of the website.

Please feel free to browse the website.  If you've no idea who on earth I am then take a look at the "About Me" page for a brief biography.

I'm always happy to help out fellow anglers with questions, and always looking to improve the design of this website, which is very much in its infancy (and still needs a LOT of work!), so please Email Me with any comments, questions or suggestions. I will soon be working on a new version which is more compatible for browsing on smart phones and tablets.
In future I also hope to find the time and inspiration to expand my website to accommodate more angling writers, features and functions.

December 2010 News  -     New Site Layout  I've simplified the navigation and put the entire menu at the top of the page, so please look above to navigate elsewhere.  If you have any problems or find any broken links then please Email Me
December 2009 News  -   NEW BLOG  After a couple of requests and a bit of contemplating just how much spare time I've got, I've finally set up a new fishing blog, which I'll be updating regularly.   If you're interested then check me out here
My First 20lb+ Pike

Fishing for 20lb+ Pike, with Andrew Kennedy of Just-Fish.co.uk

Lure Fishing for my First 3lb+ Perch

Lure Fishing for Perch, with Andrew Kennedy of Just-Fish.co.uk

Hunting a Double-Figure Zander

In Search of a Double-Figure Zander, with Andrew Kennedy of Just-Fish.co.uk

My First 10lb+ River Dove Barbel

Fishing for Double Figure 10lb Barbel on the River Dove, with Andrew Kennedy of Just-Fish.co.uk

Sturgeon Fishing in Canada

Sturgeon Fishing - Canadian Style, with Andrew Kennedy of Just-Fish.co.uk

Mahseer Fishing in India's Himalayan Foothills

Fishing in India for the Mighty Himalayan Mahseer, with Andrew Kennedy of Just-Fish.co.uk


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